Frequently Asked Questions


  • In which cities can I use Deal Crush?

    Deal Crush has a wide network of Clubs & Restaurants already enrolled in Delhi/NCR & aggressively expanding to other cities to facilitate multi-city convenience for user.

  • What is the BOGO feature on Deal Crush?

    BOGO on Deal Crush is a subscription feature. The user can buy this feature to enjoy 1+1 food and beverages at partner vendor locations at any time. The beverages applicable to this feature are decided by the vendor.

  • What is ‘Refer a Friend’ benefit? How do I use it?

    Refer a Friend is a referral program where a Deal Crush user can generate referral links that can be sent to friends & family. If anyone downloads the Deal Crush app using such link & buys a yearly subscription feature, then the original sender will receive a free beverage that can be redeemed at partner vendor locations.

  • What if, in case the Restaurant / Club denies entry even if have purchased the feature?

    It will be a very rare case and if unfortunately, that happens, we suggest you call us directly. We will talk to the pub and try to make sure that you get entry, if we are unable to make that happen then we will make arrangements for you at our other partner pubs of your choice.

  • What happens if I delete the app or change my phone?

    Deleting the app or changing the phone will have no effect on the Deal Crush membership. The user will just have to download the app & enter the credentials to access all the benefits subscribed on the app.

  • In the ‘First Beverage Free’ feature, which beverages can be ordered?

    The beverages offered under first beverage free are selected by the vendors, the beverages being ordered under the feature can’t be changed on request of the user.

  • What is the ‘First Beverage Free’ Feature?

    First Beverage Free is a membership exclusive feature on Deal Crush. After buying the Deal Crush quarterly or yearly membership the user can get the first beverage free at listed locations & will only have to pay from the second beverage onwards. The user although can get the benefit on one location only once a week & will have to wait for seven days to enjoy the first beverage free benefit again at the same location.

  • Why do I need to enter my credit card/debit card/net-banking details to purchase the mobile offer packs? Why can’t I purchase through my smartphone’s app store?

    As the app offers a set of service where vendors need to be paid by Deal Crush management for facilitating services, hence the charges applicable are required to be transferred to Deal Crush directly.

  • Where can I download the Deal Crush app?

    The Deal Crush app can be downloaded from Google Play for Android smartphones or The App Store for iPhones.

  • How do I go about changing/refunding my order?

    As the product and services offered on the Deal Crush app are consumables, we do not offer any refunds or changes as it may create complications & higher cost for the vendors.

  • Is there any Limit on which City, I can avail offers?

    There is no restriction on the location where the user can use the Deal Crush app. However as different cities have a different set of laws applicable, the user will have to comply with the law in accordance with the location.

  • What is the age limit for the person who is using this app?

    The age limit to use of the app is determined by local laws. For eg; if the state law defines that minimum age for Food and beverages sale & consumption is 25 years then Deal Crush app users will be able to avail the services in accordance with the law.

  • How does the Deal Crush App work?

    Deal Crush app has to be downloaded by the user on their smartphone. Once the user profile is created on the app, the user will be able to find various partner locations that serve Food and beverages by filters like vicinity, the name of the outlet & discounts. Deal Crush app has various features & memberships that provide extra savings to the app users.

  • What if a partner location denies entry even if I am fulfilling all the terms and conditions?

    It will be a very rare case and if unfortunately, that happens, we suggest you call us directly. We will talk to the vendor and try to make sure that you get entry, if we are unable to make that happen then we will make arrangements for you at our other vendor location of your choice.

  • What is the validity of the membership subscription Plans on Deal Crush?

    All the subscriptions have either quarterly(3 months) or yearly(12 months) validity

  • What is “Crush a Deal” feature?

    Crush a deal feature allows users to view & redeem discounted deals from various restaurants and Clubs on food and beverages. The included deals are free of any extra charges and any registered user on the Deal Crush app can utilize the deals.

  • What is Deal Crush?

    Deal Crush is a unique app to find the best-discounted deals at restaurants & Clubs that serve Food and beverages. The app intends to promote safe, responsible & economical food and beverages consumption.